Saturday, December 29, 2007

For those who feel down during the Christmas season...

This is some great advice:

Maybe you have loved one who is sick or maybe God has taken a loved one from you at this time of year which is supposed to be joyful and you wonder "how can I make myself sing, Joy to the World?"

Let me remind you that that first Christmas too, looked nothing like the pretty pictures we see on the Christmas cards. That first Christmas a haggard Joseph was probably in a panic looking for someplace to stay in Bethlehem, and Mary was probably worried, asking herself, "will my child be born in a barn?" The shepherds were the lowest of low, despised and outcast. They weren’t all clean and shiny when they visited the manger.

But God still came in the midst of all that.

Fr. McNeil continues with some practical advice for bringing the joy of Christ into your life this season. Read the whole thing.

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Kimberly said...

Oh wow. I was in church last night and I passed by a woman I know who has lost her husband at the beginning of December when he died a mere three weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She was at the back of the church and I gave her a quick hug when I passed her, and then realized she was struggling, with tears in her eyes, and I realized that we were singing Joy to the World. Wow.