Sunday, September 30, 2007

The top 10 hand gestures you'd better get right!

Now I'm wondering how many of these hand gestures I've probably done while visiting other cultures!

via Geekpress

Site for playing matchmaker for your children

What an interesting concept for a site. I'm not sure if it will succeed, but it sure is an intriguing idea.

via Catholic Mom

You know you've succeeded as a parent when...

Your child writes a post like this about you.

Dog flow chart

Inside the mind of a dog (scroll down for flow chart). Eerily accurate.

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Game day tips

How dads can watch the game in peace. Very amusing (and bonus points for rooting for UT).



My Weekly Links over at my other blog, Et Tu?, have become popular enough (with me as well as my readers) that I decided to just start a separate blog to share all my favorite links that I come across though emails from friends and family as well as whatever web surfing time I can squeeze in.

I love to have "best of the web" type sites on my Bloglines feed (like Geekpress, Neatorama, Lifehacker, etc.) so I thought other people who share my perspective (Christian, mom, closet computer nerd, etc.) might like a site like this.