Tuesday, May 6, 2008

They paused

A wrenching story from Kristen, who has struggled with infertility and would love to adopt another child, as she was praying in front of an abortion clinic:

The ache in my heart seemed to increase exponentially in proportion to the number of girls that continued up that staircase into the building. I hadn't realized how much more heartbreaking such a sight would be after having children of my own. [...]

As the young girls passed me and I felt that pain increase, I could help it no longer. I began to plead with them, "Please, my husband and I want to adopt your baby." "Please, we are longing for another child." "We adopted these two girls and we would love to have yours too." Each one of the young women paused, just for a moment when she heard my voice, and turned to see me. Each one looked into my eyes. But they all turned away, proceeding up the stairway.

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