Friday, October 31, 2008

The power of the Rosary

A man writes about how he was suddenly called to pray the Rosary, and how it brought him out of a 19-year porn addiction.

via Matteo


Hope T. said...

Is it true that it really takes only 19 minutes to pray the rosary?

I am not Catholic but I am interested in learning to pray the rosary. I thought it would take a lot longer than 19 minutes.

Jennifer F. said...

Hey Hope - I think that somewhere between 18 - 22 minutes sounds about right.

If you're interested, this CD of the Rosary by Fr. Benedict Groeschel is just amazing. He walks you through the prayers of the Rosary along with an explanation of the mysteries, and there's beautiful music in the background. You can get it here (it's called "The Rosary is a Place") -- it's technically free, although they ask for a small donation if possible.

pip said...

Thank you for this. The Rosary has helped me in my battle with pornography too. Offering this prayer certainly reaps great rewards.