Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Highlighting beauty in the online world

A site that features Catholic websites and blogs that are well-designed. From their About page:

We believe that being entrusted with the Fullness of Truth, the Church has a responsibility to share this truth with the whole world, so that the beauty of Christ can radiate through his word, his body, and his liturgy.

That includes the way that the truth is presented to people. Eleven hundred years ago, a monk named Theophilus wrote a guide for master craftsmen to follow in creating stained glass windows for churches and cathedrals. Theophilus understood that this technique could be an instrument to teach and inspire people.

It’s our hope that we can inspire the church, just as Theophilus inspired craftsmen to strive only for the highest levels of quality in sharing Christ with the world.

Check out the site here.

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