Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"The doctrine of Original Sin gets proven in every generation"

A great article on Church crises, anger and the importance of perspective. An excerpt:

The spiritual perils of anger are often caused a lack of perspective. We see what is going on around us, get angry and suddenly move from the realm of righteous anger to the mindset that “this is the worst age ever!” Problems of today are magnified under the lens of the 24/7 news cycle, while problems of the past are either forgotten or seen in a clinical, detached manner. We study the saints of the past, but ignore the sinners.

Being deep in history thus changes one’s perspective: you see the problems of today in light of past crises....Acknowledging the sins of the past doesn’t mean that we can’t have righteous anger today, but it does put that anger in proper perspective, keeping it from disturbing the peace all Christians should have at all times.

The Catholic who allows anger to be his controlling emotion is a Catholic who is full of fear.

Read the rest here.

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