Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A mom of 12 gets honest about obesity, weight loss and gluttony

How did I miss Barbara Curtis' series of posts about her 90+ pound weight loss? I'm just now catching up and find them to be a wonderful breath of fresh air. Here's an excerpt from one of her posts in which she talks about the difficulty of being a mom of a busy household and having a slower metabolism than other people:

I've learned to let go of any entitlement mentality. If other people don't have to struggle with their weight and I do, so what? Other people struggle with other issues that I don't have to. My job calls for handling a lot of food even though I can't eat a lot myself right now. A bank teller has to handle money all day and not keep any even if she's broke.

I also found the inspiration she drew from her Down Syndrome children to be inspiring. Some particularly good posts: Diet Update; More Diet Discussion; and When Your Spouse is Overweight. Some excellent food for thought (hah!) for anyone interested in the subject of weight loss, particularly from a Christian perspective.

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