Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today.

(And happy Thursday to readers outside the U.S.)

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Mariano said...

Happy Thanksgiving you as well, I see that we are both starting off our days blogging, imagine that!
My name is Mariano and I am an amateur apologist.
I run 6 different blogs that respond to atheism from a Christian perspective and was wondering if you would be willing to link to any of them either from here or from Conversion Diary.
I will provide the links below so that you can browse them.
You may also contact me, if you wish, at
Feel free to delete this comment so that my links are not foisted upon your blog.

Atheism is Dead

Atheism Dissected

Atheism Succinctly

Richard Dawkins – Scientist or Activist?

Sam Harris – Mythbuster or Mythmaker?

Dan Barker – One of America’s Leading Atheists

Thank you for your time and attention and may the Messiah Jesus richly bless you,