Monday, September 8, 2008

The truth about hot dogs

The point of this article is that hot dogs aren't quite as bad as some say...but after seeing that graphic of what parts of the pig are allowed in hot dogs (stomach? lips? windpipe??), I think I'll be skipping the Oscar Mayer section of the grocery store for a while.

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Literacy-chic said...

Apparently, you've never had hogshead cheese! ;) My grandparents made their own hogshead cheese and homemade boudin (with natural casings)!

Just think of it this way... Sausage that is made from beef is full of beef hearts and other organ meats. You don't hear about people getting mad cow disease from eating pork-only products! That's why I stick to pork, turkey & chicken sausage (which is tough in Texas!). If I'm going to eat organ meats, I want to know that the animal either wasn't made into a cannibal, or has the natural capacity to process meat products! *stepping off soap box*