Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby advice from a mom of seven

A friend and mom of seven wrote this in an email after hearing of my new pregnancy:

Here is my one piece of unsolicited advise that I give EVERY expectant mom: Get a Miracle Blanket so that you and baby can SLEEP. (I get no kickbacks, but I tout this thing on every corner!!!)

Seriously, I wish I had discovered it for my first five children. I found out about it for my sixth, and I was NEVER sleep deprived! And even though my seventh had colic and was much fussier than the sixth, it worked for him, too, and they are the happiest healthiest little guys. I never lost sleep with either one, because of that blanket. My four-year-old still sleeps with his blanket next to him.


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Paul said...

If there was ever a baby number eight, that mom of seven might enjoy a move to the new generation of swaddling blankets which are easier to use, just as effective, and still allow the baby to move naturally while swaddled. Perhaps the best example is the new Cocooi baby swaddle from Merino Kids of New Zealand which has already won international design awards for its use of natural merino fabric which reduces the risk of babies overheating.