Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The reality of divorce

A gripping post by a Catholic mom:

When someone asks you if you're married, single, or divorced, simply answering "I’m divorced" does not quite express the drowning feeling that comes with realizing one person cannot hold down a full-time job, keep the house decent, keep food in the fridge, keep close watch on the children’s schoolwork, friends, spiritual upbringing, encourage them to grow in faith and virtue, keep the lawn tended, manage maintenance and improvements on the house, take care of the pets, make sure the children practice their instruments and do their homework, take them to basketball practice or the occasional gymnastics program, make sure the laundry gets done, pay the bills on time, manage the endless stacks of papers that seem to accumulate all over the house, take the children to the dentist, the doctor, arrange for childcare when school is not in session, and so on endlessly...

My husband was raised by a single mother, so this post was particularly touching to me.

via Jennifer Roback Morse

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