Friday, October 22, 2010

Why certain baby names are popular

An interesting article. An excerpt:

Metropolis: When we look at the list of girls — Isabella, Sophia, Mia, Emily, Madison, Olivia — they are romantic names or soft names. What is behind that?
Wattenberg: You are sensing something about names. The most powerful trend in baby names is something individual parents are almost never aware of: we don’t like consonants anymore. Every parent will say I like old-fashioned names, quirky, I’m looking for something really powerful and creative. What they don’t say is, I’m really looking for a name with no two consecutive voiced consonants. That is really what America wants.

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Melanie B said...

What frightens me about this article is how absolutely I tend to follow the national trends. No only do I have an Isabella and Sophia, right now I love Rose and Grace as middle names. Had this one been a girl it would most likely have been Lucy Rose. I like to think I am unique but I'm only as unique as everyone else my age.