Thursday, March 4, 2010

How contraception fuels the vocations crisis

Some excellent thoughts. An excerpt:

Now, because of artificial contraception, the whole underlying assumptions and expectations about marriage have shifted. Marriage is no longer a way to give all, but a way to have it all. Therefore, when a young person today considers a religious vocation, they are not choosing between different paths of self-sacrifice; they are choosing between a life that seems to have it all and a life that seems to have nothing.

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Anonymous said...

I saw an interesting show on EWTN a while back: a bunch of young nuns were talking about how their community was bursting at the seems and in the middle of yet another expansion of their motherhouse. They commented that, quite by accident, they realized at lunch one day that almost all of them came from families of four or more children.

A point Father only glanced on: when you have one boy and one girl, and somewhere you're daydreaming about watching a son and a daughter fall in love, well, that didn't leave anyone for the consecrated life, did it?