Sunday, December 27, 2009

(Re)discovering the Mass

A great post by a fallen-away Catholic who rediscovered the Mass by asking questions about how the first Christians worshiped:

As a happily free range Christian I became really interested in the Jewishness of Christianity and wanted to learn more. As a consequence of this, I held a couple of Seder meals.
During the preparations for the second one (only in 2008) I was thinking alot about how very 'liturgical' the Jewish year was...

Turning this over in my mind got me thinking about church. What exactly did they do, those first Jewish Christians when they got together to 'do church'?

The more I pondered it, and the more I observed the Jewish traditions, the more inconceivable it seemed to me that the first Christians simply gathered together for a rousing rendition of the first century equivalent of Shine Jesus Shine and then listened to an 'excellent talk'.

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