Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Love should never be confused with pity"

This is a must-read article about how the world mistakenly perceives people with disabilities, and what the meaning of life really is. An excerpt:

Love should never be confused with pity, a sentiment we feel only for those whom we really don’t know at all. It infuriates me that children such as Domenica are invariably described as "suffering from Down’s syndrome". In what way are they suffering? They have no disease. They have no ailment to “cure”, except - via the process of antenatal screening - their very existence.

What underlies this misplaced pity is a kind of selfish empathy. Someone sees a child lolling in a wheelchair and thinks he himself would rather not have been born than exist in such a condition - and so he decides that it would have been much more humane never to have allowed that child to have been born. He does not, however, consult the child.

Read the rest here. Lots of food for thought.

via Confused Agnostic

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